Latest News!


HP Dedicated Servers


Our servers belong to us (they are not hosted), and as a result, we can provide dedicated perfomance, and good reliability. Servers will be available 24/7 unless there are extended power outages, or NBN outages which are out of our control.


Our servers are dedicated rack-mounted servers, and not some desktops pretending to servers. Check out our photo gallery if you wanna see!



There are now 4 Rust servers running


Vanilla PVP, Vanilla PVE, Vanilla Barren and Oxide modded. Jump in and have a look!



We now have 5 ARMA3 servers.


Altis, Australia, Chernarus, Namalsk, and Tanoa. TNT's Favourite is Chernarus. A lot of extra stuff is in the map.



Our servers have a new house!


Today we managed to get our servers into a proper rackmount cabinet. We have added a photos page and included some photos of the servers for you to see.

-TNT -Ando



We have another server!


We have just purchased another server with a bit more grunt. This will become the dedicated Arma3 server, and enables us to fine-tune performance.

-TNT -Ando



Exile Chernarus new and improved


Ai are still roaming and missions are running smooth. Jump in and try it today.




Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Everyone at MAG wish you a happy Christmas and a safe New Year.We are looking forward to adding more mods to our servers,and getting our Maxed and Esseker maps running. Ando is keen to get some Epoch servers running again.We have just invested in 4 new hard drives for increased performance and stability.Ando is sorting the Raid and Mirror of the drives over the break.

-TNT - Ando - Danno - SonnyJim - HorsebowHunter



Our Arma 3 Exile servers now are running with roaming AI


They are in vehicles, on foot and in the sky - Look behind you they will come !




Arma 3 updated to version 1.54.133596: We are now looking forward to Exile to update to 0.9.4"Lime": Stay Tuned!


We have the new Arma 3 version running with Exile 0.9.35 on both our Altis and Esseker servers: Give them a try today.




Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch servers up!


We have now added Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2: Deathmatch to our currently hosted servers. Grab some friends, jump on our teamspeak 3 server, and have some fun.

- Ando



MAG Rust server now operational.


We are now running a Rust server. All settings are default at the moment, but it seems to be working. Feel free to test it out.

- Ando



MAG - Arma3 - Exile - "Maxed Out" server is up and running.


We are currently working on another Exile server that will have everything in it. Lots of AI Lots of missions, Zombies, Weapons, and whatever else we can fit in there!

- Ando



Extra stuff added!


Everyone that spawns in now gets equipped with a loaded pistol. We now have increased the amount of loot that spawns and added more and extra vehicles that spawn on the map.We have added Heli Crashes and supply drop missions and added in VEMF AI Missions.



Epoch servers down


Because of the Arma 3 update crashing our servers, and increased time spent on the exile servers, we have not had a chance to get them working again. We will start working on them shortly and should be back up soon

- Ando