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Most Awesome Gamers is a gaming community founded by TNT and Ando.

We aim to provide a variety of fun gaming servers for everyone to play. We encourage fair gameplay, and a friendly atmosphere. Our teamspeak server is a friendly place to hang out and meet new like-minded gamers.


Whilst Ando and TNT may not always be on Teamspeak,Discord,or in-game, we try very hard to keep everything running smoothly and up to date. We both work full-time, and enjoy running these servers as a hobby.


If at any time you need assistance, please join our Teamspeak and wait in the "Help Desk" channel.


Playing on our servers indicates that you have read and accepted our server rules


Join our Discord Server and say G'Day https://discord.gg/erAnmbk


Join our Teamspeak3 Server and say G'Day



This website is constantly under construction. Please keep checking for improvements.


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